Dubai F1 Theme Park

Dubai F1 theme park is one of the most magnificent piece of work which is open to the public since 2009. It has been developed by Union Properties which is said to be one of the leading developers of Dubai. This is the first theme park which has been opened up in Dubai and hence it is all the more important to all.

Features of F1 Theme Park

The park is spread in around 70 acres and it will be having as many as 20 rides. However there is more to the Dubai theme park then just the rides, there is lots more there like the roller coaster rides which have been designed keeping in view the design of the F1 races only. The main aim of the theme park is to show an F1 park which has been built keeping in view the interests of all irrespective of age and gender. So you will surely have a great time here.
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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2011

Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the best and most awaited places for the organisation of the Grand Prix in the year 2011. It is being waited with much fervour and grandeur amongst not just the participants but by all who want to be a part of the race.

About Abu Dhabi and Event

It is indeed a worth visiting place as well so from travel point of view as well the people love to visit the place keeping in view the magnanimity of the region.

It is considered to be one of the most spectacular places where Grand Prix will be organised in 2011. The event is scheduled to be held on the Yas Island which is located on the Eastern side of the country.
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Where to Buy Formula 1 Tickets

You can buy Formula 1 tickets from a number of places depending upon your convenience. When it comes to the 2011 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix you can find the tickets online on the website This website offers you the tickets for a number of other F1 races which are organised in different parts of the world like the Singapore Grand Prix, Japanese Grand Prix, Brazilian Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. So you have a wide range of options.

Buying Tickets Online

Online you have a number of websites which are offering you the tickets. One such website is the The special feature of the tickets available here is that you have full options of even comparing different kinds of tickets which are available here.

You can make a search with the latest technology available on this website for buying the tickets and comparing them. So whether you are buying Silverstone tickets, Donington tickets you will find them here. Some other which are available includes the Brands Hatch tickets and the Outton Park Tickets. Basically the website gives you a detailed search of all the ticket vendors which are available in UK and then give you a comprehensive list of the same.
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Hungarian GP 2010 Results

The results of the Hungarian Grand Prix have been quite spectacular for all as it was won by the Red Bull driver Mark Webber who scored 25 points in comparison to Fernando Alonso who scored 18 points and came second. This was the sixth time that Webber has won while it was his fourth victory in this season. By all means it means a lot to him.

Results of the Hungarian GP

The third position was that of Sebastian Vettel who was able to score 15 points. With this, Sebastian has moved up from where he was before however the loss is truly there of not winning the race. It came as a setback to him and he is utterly disappointed after coming third.
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F1 Travel Tips

There are a number of things which needs to be taken into account when you are travelling for F1. Almost detailed information needs to be carried out of not just the place where the F1 is going to be held but about the bed and lodging as well.

Information about Hotels

If you are going to Aalborg Denmark then you can plan your stay at Scandic Aalborg, Zleep Hotel Aalborg, Hotel Hvide Hus, First Slotshotel Aalborg and many more. All these are 2 star, 3 star and 4 star hotels where you can stay and would be quite comfortable also.

It is mostly advised that you choose your hotel which is closer to the racing venue as this will save your time in reaching the venue place. Along with this the place from where you can get the ticket too matters a lot. So go for any accommodation taking into account these factors.

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