Dubai F1 Theme Park

Dubai F1 theme park is one of the most magnificent piece of work which is open to the public since 2009. It has been developed by Union Properties which is said to be one of the leading developers of Dubai. This is the first theme park which has been opened up in Dubai and hence it is all the more important to all.

Features of F1 Theme Park

The park is spread in around 70 acres and it will be having as many as 20 rides. However there is more to the Dubai theme park then just the rides, there is lots more there like the roller coaster rides which have been designed keeping in view the design of the F1 races only. The main aim of the theme park is to show an F1 park which has been built keeping in view the interests of all irrespective of age and gender. So you will surely have a great time here.

Interesting Park for All

The theme park is being compared to the Disney Land owing to the attractive features it is having. Things be included in the theme park are Dubai Autodrome, there is a business park, as well as two luxury complexes. It is said to be the perfect entertainment, thrilling, and adventurous park for all under the one roof.

The people of the Persian Gulf have been waiting for long for the grand opening of the park which is said being called F1-X. You will get a world class experience of all the facilities being provided to you as you the motorists and bikers pulling on the rides.

The name F1-X too has been chosen with a theme which includes Xcitement, Xploration, Xpectations and much more and truly it can be said that it has stood on these entire facets very well. The guests will be thoroughly entertained with glamour and fun which is going to be a key to the theme park.

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