F1 Travel Tips

There are a number of things which needs to be taken into account when you are travelling for F1. Almost detailed information needs to be carried out of not just the place where the F1 is going to be held but about the bed and lodging as well.

Information about Hotels

If you are going to Aalborg Denmark then you can plan your stay at Scandic Aalborg, Zleep Hotel Aalborg, Hotel Hvide Hus, First Slotshotel Aalborg and many more. All these are 2 star, 3 star and 4 star hotels where you can stay and would be quite comfortable also.

It is mostly advised that you choose your hotel which is closer to the racing venue as this will save your time in reaching the venue place. Along with this the place from where you can get the ticket too matters a lot. So go for any accommodation taking into account these factors.

Following Tips for F1

The other important tip is to plan your day in a manner that you have ample time for warm up and adjusting to the venue and the surroundings before the race begins. This will also help you to know as to where you can get the best mode of transport. You will also be in a position to take the best snapshots of your favourite racing cars which indeed would not be possible on the racing day.

When you are visiting the race circuit you should wear shoes which are comfortable and durable enough. Most likely you might have to walk as much as 2km before you can finally get your seat there so make sure your shoes are just perfect for walking the long distance.

When you go there you should try to know whether car parking is available there or not or whether it is free or not. You can even opt for F1 Go Clean Set which you can take with the rest of your gear.

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