Hungarian GP 2010 Results

The results of the Hungarian Grand Prix have been quite spectacular for all as it was won by the Red Bull driver Mark Webber who scored 25 points in comparison to Fernando Alonso who scored 18 points and came second. This was the sixth time that Webber has won while it was his fourth victory in this season. By all means it means a lot to him.

Results of the Hungarian GP

The third position was that of Sebastian Vettel who was able to score 15 points. With this, Sebastian has moved up from where he was before however the loss is truly there of not winning the race. It came as a setback to him and he is utterly disappointed after coming third.

For Mc Laren the Hungary Grand Prix was not upto the mark since they were expecting flexi wing which is basically by Red Bull and Ferrari would not be allowed there, but to their disappointment this was not the case and hence the loss. The Hamilton too lost the race due to the failure of the gearbox.

Sebastian Vettel met Penalty

In the beginning it was Vettel who was leading the race and he was followed by Alonso. However Vettel later on has to suffer a penalty due to his own mistake and from thereon it was Webber all the way leading to the race victory. Vettel has been showing his arrogance over the penalty which he was in no way expecting.

By all means it can be said to be a clear victory for Red Bulls as their contestant has won the championship while another of their contestant Sebastian Vettel came third. Going by others who followed the race and came next to the top three were Felipe Massa who came fourth, Vitaly Petrov came fifth. Nico Hulkenberg with 8 points finished sixth in the race. What really was astonishing is the fact that Michael Schumacher finished eleventh.

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